Make money for cell phone

There are many applications for smartphones that are excellent to assist you get richer. Here are some of our favorites. In addition to facilitating the life, the smartphones can also assist us shop and earn money-in-motion. Here are 16 approaches to enlarge your financial institution balance on the move.

Manage cash on the move

Smartphones can help you manage your cash at any time and in any place. All main banks and building societies, which include Lloyds Bank , Santander , HSBC , NatWest , RBS , Halifax , TSB , Barclays and Nationwide have a cell app that lets in you to view transactions, manipulate direct debits and standing orders, make repayments and transfer money rapidly and safely.

This immediately get entry to to statistics and actions ability that you have greater control over their finances. You can, for example, display expenses to forestall slipping in the red, pay bills or friends quickly, switch cash to their economies and to seem for signs and symptoms of identification theft.

Be better with money

There are a lot of functions that can assist you to improve your money. Toshl is a popular app that helps you music the vacation spot of all your money. It lets in you to set a budget, hold the pinnacle of the money owed and assist you reach savings goals. The free app is available for Apple devices, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian.

Make free international calls

Your smartphone can help you preserve in touch with buddies and family around the world for free.

With WhatsApp Messenger , accessible for free for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone, you can ship messages, create team chats, send unlimited snap shots and make calls to any united states provided you have an web connection and the other character additionally has the app.

Skype works in the same way and is reachable to customers of Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Amazon Fire Phone. To download the free app will enable you to ship messages and make calls to other Skype customers somewhere in the world for free.

Check if you are a millionaire

The holders of securities Premium can take a look at if they have won a prize with the application I Prize Checker .

It will show you the prizes this month and each and every aspect you have received in six attracts earlier, in addition to any award of more than 18 months that you did no longer claim from their titles entered in the draw.

I Prize Checker is available for Apple and Android devices. It is believed to be 41 million awards for Premium titles, now not claimed, so make certain you get the one that is due.

Never miss a bargain

Your smartphone can assist make certain that you in no way pass over a good deal at any place you are.

With the cell utility eBay free, for example, you can track the entirety you are buying and watching. This offers you indicators when you are outbid, when an public sale is about to end, and allows you to ship messages to dealers about items. Can also be used to find bargains, neighborhood at any place you are.

There is additionally Shpock , a free app that approves you to buy and sell things in your neighborhood area.

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