Como Aumentar o Desejo Sexual

Research shows that brazilians aren’t so satisfied with their sex lives due to the fact 51% of the six million respondents stated they’re not glad in mattress.

Nevertheless, 82,4% declare that it does not pretended a headache or sense unwell to have intercourse any time this 12 months and sixty four. 8% agree with that intercourse lasts, on common, more than half-hour.

The frequency of sex, but, stroll in high consistent with the interviewees: 34, 5% replied that they have sex to three times per week, even as 25,1% have intercourse 4 or greater instances within the equal period.

To 85,1%, the foreplay final greater than 10 minutes, and through 29.1% dedicated to them for 10 to 20 minutes.

Women and men agree at the top three on greater enjoyable activities or mandatory before penetração: within the first location is the kiss on the mouth, followed by way of stimulation at the clitoris and lick the nipple, in order.

Whilst the majority heard, 54,7%, do no longer have toys, erotic inside the house, the use the two is high amongst the ones who have: 78% exploiting the possibilities of the accent with the companion.

The variety is also national choice, according to the survey. 50,6% trade between three or more positions for intercourse, but the penetration of the four continues to be the favourite of ladies and men.

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